NextGen Test Plan


The main purpose of the integration between Testimonial Tree and Nextgen is to provide an automated solution for Testimonial Tree accounts to reach out to their patients. We do this by requesting any new appointments for a practice from NextGen once daily and will send out survey requests to any new checked out patients that have not received one yet. 



The only thing we need is your NextGen site_id. This unique Site Id can be located within the NextGen Api Suite Manager. 




We always test every automated solution thoroughly before launching. Our surveys have a sandbox mode, where it will send all requests to an email that is set to receive these test requests .

Even after NextGen enables the integration, we will test our surveys in sandbox mode for a few days before going live. We have staff members that will walk you through this process, and help with any questions you have.

Once both parties feel comfortable moving forward, we enable the survey production environment, and patients will begin receiving survey requests. 

This url will be used by our import system, to get all the appointment and patient data daily.

The output is in xml format. Any patients you see here would receive survey requests, if the survey was enabled. If any thing looks off on this page, like an incorrect patient, or incorrect provider assigned to the patient for a particular appointment, let us know and we will troubleshoot what the issue is. 

Reviewing Survey Requests Sent

So you gave Testimonial Tree your site_id for NextGen, and your survey is in sandbox mode, now you want to see what survey requests have been sent. Navigate to the Requests Sent page after logging in.

This page display all the requests that have been delivered, with dates, status, client name and client email and several values. While you are still in sandbox mode, it will show the correct patient name, but the client email will be whatever value you set for testing. If this sounds overwhelming, don't stress it, you will have a staff member from Testimonial Tree walking you through the entire process. 





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