How to setup Testimonial Tree testimonials & reviews in Spacio by HomeSpotter

Automatically add Testimonial Tree reviews in Spacio by HomeSpotter sign-in forms. Below are step-by-step details on how to enable the API integration at no additional cost.

Spacio by HomeSpotter:

1. Login to your Spacio profile and enable Testimonial Tree API integration.

2. View My Testimonials will appear on your Spacio sign-in forms.



To learn more visit Spacio's website integration partners Testimonial Tree profile about the integration partnership and press release (PR)

Testimonial Tree:

1. Login to your Testimonial Tree dashboard, click icon top right-hand side into Settings page which will default to the User Permissions Tab.

2. Enable Spacio in the Marketing Service Providers.

3. Save. All future testimonials & reviews collected or imported will now be syndicated into your Spacio open house sign-in forms. You have full control over which testimonials will syndicate into your Spacio by HomeSpotter profile. 


For past testimonials you may select a testimonial in Edit Testimonials or Testimonial Marketing and assign to Spacio marketing widget and Save. The testimonial will now be included in Spacio by HomeSpotter. Our partner API updates several times a day. Admin users may bulk manage content on behalf of their users.



Alternatively submit a support ticket Help in while signed or via email: Please include your name, company, username/email and contact details.

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