How to setup Testimonial Tree Reviews in CloudCMA

Automatically add Testimonial Tree reviews page into CloudCMA presentations and reports. Below are step-by-step details to enable the API integration at no additional cost.


Step 1: Login to your Cloud CMA account, click into your agent icon in the top right-hand corner and go to Account Settings

Step 2: Click on API Integrations on left-hand side.

Step 3: Location your Testimonial Tree email – the same one you use to login into Testimonial Tree. If your company uses single sign-on (SSO) it will be your corp. email.

Or login to Testimonial Tree using your username or email. Click top right-hand side icon Account and view Email Address.

Step 4: Enter your Testimonial Tree email into Cloud CMA, and click Update Services.

Now you’re all set to ad Testimonial Tree page into your Cloud CMA report!

CloudCMA Dashboard - Settings - API Integrations - Add Email Address - Update Services to save


CloudCMA Support Article: How to setup your Testimonial Tree Reviews in Cloud CMA

Or cut & paste URL into a web browser:


TESTIMONIAL TREE: Enable CloudCMA as a Marketing Service Provider to syndicate Testimonials and reviews into Cloud CMA.

1. Login to your Testimonial Tree account, click into top right-hand side icon into Settings.

2. Enable CloudCMA as a “marketing service provider.”

3. Save. All future testimonials & reviews collected or imported will now be syndicated into your CloudCMA account and reports. You have full control over which testimonials will syndicate into your comparative market report (CMA) in CloudCMA.


For past testimonials you may select a testimonial in Edit Testimonials or Testimonial Marketing and assign to Cloud CMA marketing widget and Save. The testimonial will now be included in Cloud CMA. Our partner API updates several times a day. Admin users may bulk manage and assign content to CloudCMA and other marketing providers on behalf of their users.

 Testimonial Tree Dashboard - Manage Testimonials - Edit Testimonial or Testimonial MarketingScreen_Shot_2020-03-04_at_2.37.10_PM.png

Edit Testimonial or Testimonial Marketing - Check box CloudCMA - Save


Alternatively subscribers or individuals may submit a support ticket (HELP is located at the bottom left hand-side while signed into the application) or via email: Please include your name, company, username/email and request. Our online support team will typically respond within 24-48 hours to assist with your online support request. Enterprise subscribers please contact your account executive & customer success team member for assistance.

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