Single Sign-on (SSO) for Google GSuite & GMail

Enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) using Google GSuite:

Individual enterprise users, enterprise location managers must use their company provided Gsuite email which has been configured to utilize single sign-on (SSO) to auto sign-in and authenticate access to Testimonial Tree’s application.

You may access from both desktop browser and mobile device. For best results please utilize the same browser typically used to login to access corp. email. We recommend Google Chrome desktop browser and Google Chrome App on mobile devices.

If your company is using GSuite you will not be issued a username and password and all sign-ins to the application must be authenticated through GSuite SSO "sign-in using Google" on the website using your company email.

Step 1: Visit and click sign-in on the top right hand side of the screen or our application's login screen


Step 2: Choose an account (choose your company provided GSuite profile)


If it's your first time logging into GSuite on the browser or device you may need to add it to your profiles by logging in first before accessing Testimonial Tree.

Step 3: Google GSuite will authenticate your access using SSO and auto sign you into your Testimonial Tree dashboard.

 For employees who have left an organization or no longer have an active GSuite access Testimonial Tree will automatically return an error and deny access to the application. Please reach out to Support@TestimonialTree or your company's IT department to grant or reinstate access or create you in their system before granting access to Testimonial Tree's application which relies on Google to authenticate through SSO. 

Setting up GSuite Single Sign-on (SSO):

For IT and network admins please follow the setup outlined in Google Gsuite Admin help article for using 3rd party IdPs Signing in with SSO: to grant access to your employees. 


Single Sign-on (SSO) using Google Gmail:

Only individual online account sign-up subscribers on the following subscription plans may use Google Gmail to sign in using Google. 

  • PRO

Sign-in is similar except users would use their free personal GMail to authenticate and sign-in using Google.

Enterprise users may not use personal GMail to login in and will receive an error upon login. Please see our other Setting up SSO documentation for other methods available. Please contact or your Enterprise Testimonial Tree account representative.


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