Moxiworks Integration

Real Estate brokerages may enable the Testimonial Tree API and Moxiworks API interface to automate one or more of the capabilities below.

Please contact your Testimonial Tree Enterprise account executive or email about turning on your API connection to your brokerage’s Moxiworks account. 


  1. Testimonial-Review Website Displays auto-publish testimonials on your Moxiworks brokerage website and agent profiles. Brokerages may choose from API or widget code snippet.


Option A: Testimonials via API display natively using Moxiworks existing testimonial display. All website styling is controlled within Moxiworks.

Moxiworks Support Site Pages: Testimonial Tree Widget


Option B: Testimonials via Widgets display on your Moxiworks website and agent pages. All styling is controlled within the brokerage (admin user) or agent (user) through widget advanced settings. This will allow you to control colors, star ratings, dates, image or video and schema structured review data is passed from Testimonial Tree into search engines like Google (stars in search results). You may also control and display testimonials on multiple web pages including: brand-brokerage, office location, team, individual agents, 3rd party websites and landing pages.

Regardless of which display method used subscribers with admin rights own and control their own data and rules for publishing content to websites.


  1. Transaction Feedsautomatically triggers buyer-seller survey-testimonial & review requests via email on behalf of agents and brokerage upon a closing.


There are a few configuration options based on your preferred number of surveys. Default setup is a single survey for buyer-seller. Please contact your Testimonial Tree Customer Success associate for your specific Enterprise setup and preferences.


Common Real Estate Satisfaction Survey Transaction Feed Setup Options


  1. Buyer-Seller (single survey)
  2. Buyers and Sellers (two separate surveys)
  3. Buyers, Sellers, buyer-seller, Property Management Owners, Property Management Tenants, Real Estate Agents, (two or more surveys)


  1. Agent & Location Feeds syncs agent roster (users) and office locations (location users) from Moxiworks to Testimonial Tree automatically.


  1. Single Sign-on (SSO)allows agents (users) and office location managers (location users) to securely auto-login into the Testimonial Tree application through their Moxiworks application and brokerage intranet.


  1. Moxiworks Present syndication(BETA) auto-publishes testimonials from Testimonial Tree into Presenter comparable market analysis presentations (CMA).
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