Setting up Single Sign On (SSO)


SSO allows users of TT to automatically login to the TT backend without knowing their username or password.  This usually occurs via a link from an internal company intranet where the user is already authenticated.

Step 1:

The client would request an authentication token from our API by passing their username, password (these must be the credentials for the parent account) and device name.{username}&password={password}&device=webapp

  "messages": [],
  "wasSuccessful": true,
  "errorMessages": null,
  "data": {
    "authenticationToken": "f005bf74-4c9e-4b7e-bd03-xxxx"

Step 2:
The client would request another token for the child user by passing in the child user's username and their newly generated token from Step 1.{authenticationToken}&username={username}

{ "messages": [], "wasSuccessful": true, "errorMessages": null, "data": { "authenticationToken": "6f73c633-de44-4f7b-8d71-xxxx" } }

Step 3:
The Testimonial Tree API will return a JSON object. In that JSON object will be a property named "data". That "data" object will hold a bunch of information
about the user. More importantly, there will be a link called "loginURL". Use that link to redirect the user to be logged in to Testimonial Tree.

          messages: [ ],

          wasSuccessful: true,
          errorMessages: null,
                           authenticationToken: "191f1a35-d44b-xxx",
                           loginURL: ""
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