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With an enterprise account, you're able to manage all the users on your account.
1. To modify, add, or delete users simply click the "Management" then "Users" 
Modify a User
Scroll to the user you'd like to modify then select the edit button.  Note you're also able to view a user's survey data, testimonials and even log in as them from this screen.  Hovering over the icons will reveal their function. 
You'll be directed to that user's account profile settings where you can make any adjustments you'd like.  
Make sure to select "Save" before exiting.
You also have the ability to set permissions (able to delete testimonials, able to share on 3rd party sites...etc.) for each user.  To do this return to the Management > Users page.  Find the user whose permissions you'd like to modify then select Manage>Branding/Settings.  Note that you're also able to view user's testimonial collection link and password here as well.  
This will allow you to set a number of permissions for just this user.  Ensure that you select "Use Custom Permissions Below" in order to set these permissions as the default for the user.  
Ensure that you Save your changes before leaving.
Add a New User 
From the Management>Users page, simply select "Add New User."  
Give the user a username, password, and input the email address to get the account started.  
From the account profile screen, you're able to input all pertinent information for your new user.  Make sure to select save when you're finished.  
Delete a User
To completely delete a user from your account, navigate to the Management>Users page.  Find the user you'd like to delete then select Manage > Delete User.  
 Select "OK" to confirm you'd like to delete and the user will be removed. 
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