How to Share a Testimonial on your Social Media Site


How to Share a Testimonial through Testimonial Marketing

Now that you have collected Testimonials, you may want to share one to a specific social media page you manage.  Here is how you can share your Testimonial to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln.

Step 1: Log into your account with your username or email address and password


Step 2: Locate the left-hand navigation column, click on Testimonial. 

Step 3: A drop down box will open, click on Manage Testimonials

The Manage Testimonials page will now open

Step 4: Locate your Testimonials, listed toward the bottom of the page.  Each Testimonial has an ACTIONS button. Find the Testimonial you want to share, and click on the ACTIONS button

Step 5: From the drop down box, Click on Testimonial Marketing


The Testimonial Marketing page will open

Step 6: Click on the social media icon where you would like to publish your testimonial

Step 7: Once you select the social media site, a new window with your social media account log-in will open.  After logging in, you can publish your testimonial

Step 8: If you wish to publish your Testimonial to more than one site, repeat steps 6-7

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