Red Transaction Point Integration


This article will walk you through how you can set up a work flow utilizing Red's Transaction Point system to automate the survey requests. Transaction Point is a system used by many real estate companies. Whenever you mark a transaction as closed, our system picks it up and sends an email with a survey requests to the customer or client associated with the transaction.




Every integration will require a set of credentials to authenticate Testimonial Tree, and allow access to your transaction data. To receive the username and password you must contact Transaction Point and have them provide the login credentials for the integration – they are different for each Transaction Point site.


Username: This username is provided by Transaction Point. This will be a username created for Testimonial Tree.

Password: The password is also provided by Transaction Point. This is a password created for Testimonial Tree.

Source ID: This is an identifier for your account in Transaction Point. 

Survey Id: This can be located in the Testimonial Tree dashboard by navigating to Surveys -> Manage Surveys.

Buyer Seller: If you want to send a different template for buyer and seller transactions, you can filter the results by passing in either buyer or seller with this parameter or you can pass in both and it will send the same survey template to both types of transactions{username}&password={password}&sourceId={source id}&parentUsername=testimonial_tree_username&surveyId=500&buyerSeller=both


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