KvCORE Testimonials API Connection

Adding your Testimonial Tree widget through KV Core
Each agent can hook up their own testimonial tree through their dashboard.
This can be done by going through the "Marketplace" on the left-hand side and installing testimonial tree through there.
Agent emails in KV Core need to be the same as they are in Testimonial Tree.


How it Works

A single user or an enterprise account may enable TestimonialTree by signing in via the MarketPlace tile.

If a company admin or team admin signs in, and if that user is also an admin in Testimonial Tree, then the integration will sync all of the testimonials from all of the matching agents within the scope of the admin.

Required Fields

Email. If a TT user is using a different email address from the email they have in kvCORE, then that user's testimonials may not show up in kvCORE. 

Approved. If a TT user has not marked the testimonial as "Approved" (selecting the Testimonial Directory box) , then the testimonial may not show up in kvCORE.

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