Testimonial Meta Data

Meta Data can be added to testimonials to allow tracking of any data you require that is outside of
the base use case of the Testimonial Tree Software.

Meta data can be used to display additional field in the testimonial request form shown below:


Testimonial meta data can also be used to filter the testimonials that appear on widgets that you place in your website, as outlined here: LINK

To add meta data to testimonials must create them in user settings.
First login and navigate to "Settings":


Click on the "Testimonial Collection" tab:

Scroll down can click "[+] New DataField"

Enter values for "Report Label", "Paremeter Name", and check "Collect" if you would like your clients to enter values on the testimonial from, finally click the check box in the top right corner:

To add a specific value for meta data to a testimonial follow the below steps:

First Login and navigate to the "Manage Testimonials" page:

Then find the testimonial you wish to add meta data and click "Edit":

Scroll down to the "Custom Fields" section and click "[+] New DataField":

Select the Custom field from the dropdown on the left and enter a value in the text box on the right and finally click the checkbox in the top right:

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