Filtering Widgets by Meta Data

The Testimonials that are displayed on widgets can be filtered via the meta data attached to either directly to the testimonial, or the survey request the testimonial was received from (if applicable).

This is done by adding a parameter the the widget code that is attached to a page, the "<script src='{WIDGET_ID}' type='text/javascript'></script>",
in the following format:
"&metaData={"meta_label1": [meta_value1, meta_value2,...]}"
so if you had a piece of meta data labeled "SKU" and you wanted the testimonials associated with
SKU number 12345 the parameter would be:
"&metaData={"SKU": [12345]}"

The name passed in, in this case "SKU" must match a piece of meta data that already exists within the account.
Either from the testimonial or surveys. For directions on how to accomplish adding meta fields to either surveys or testimonials see the below articles:

Testimonials (Not yet Created)


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