Survey Meta Data

Meta Data can be added to surveys to allow tracking of any data you require that is outside of
the base use case of the Testimonial Tree Software.

Meta Data is most commonly used to augment the survey presented to your customers.
By Adding a "{meta_label}" to a survey question, the value passed in to the survey request for that "meta_label" will
be shown on the survey.
i.e. if a question is written as "How would you rate your {color} {item_name}?"
and "color" was set to "black" and "item_name" was set to "couch" the question would be presented to the customer as:
"How would you rate your black couch?"

Meta Data can also be used to filter reviews for our widgets, which is outlined in the following article

To add Meta Data to a survey, once logged in, click on surveys, then in the drop-down menu click Manage Surveys:



Then Click the Edit button on the survey you wish to add the Meta Data field to:


Then click the "[+] New DataField" Button on the edit page, enter the Report Label, and the Replace String
(The string that can be entered with a survey question within curly braces to show the meta data within a survey question) values and click save:



Finally click the green save button at the top or bottom of the page.

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