How to Request Surveys by Emailing Our API

Step 1: Clients will need to gather the following info:
  • TT Survey ID #: This is the survey that will be sent. 
  • TT API Key: This is the client's TT API Key. This is how TT knows which account to associate the email to. 

Step 2: Client sets up their email system to send out the email:

The email needs to include the following information. Their email system will need to dynamically add the required info the email. 

To Email address:

Email subject: Doesn't really matter what the subject is.

Email Body Template:

apikey: {{your api key }} - Click here for instructions on how to find your API key
toemail: {{customer's email address}} 
toname: {{customer's name}} - This will be used to personalize your email in the email body
surveyid: {{your survey id }} - Click here for instructions on how to find your Survey ID
emailsubject: {{ What you want the subject to be }}
userid: {{sending user id}} - most likely blank
useremail: {{sending user email}} - most likely blank
recorduserid: {{userid of the sales person, agent or doctor, etc..}}
recorduseremail: {{email of user associated with survey}} 
datefields:{{delimited set of extra data associated with a survey}} - Completely optional
This an example of what the email body would look like: 
apikey: 0461ea6a-3b64-4a56-af2f-4585a7e4a4cb
toname: Sarah Smith
emailsubject: Please tell us about your recent experience with John Williams
That's it, when ever TT receives one of those emails, TT will automatically send out the survey/testimonial request based on the settings from the email. 
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