Manually Requesting a Survey via Email

How to Manually Request a Survey via Email
(This can only be done from the corporate/parent/top-level account, and not from a user account)

When requesting a survey from a client, from your account, find “Surveys” on the left sidebar.surveyViaEmail-slide-1.png


Click “Surveys” to open the pull-down menu; find “Collect” and click it.


Find “Select the survey to send:”, click the field, and select the survey you wish to send. (Note: you may have only one to choose from; this is normal)
(Blue arrow in the illustration) 


Find “Select the user to record the results to:” and click it. This will pull up a complete list of your users (agents, officers, doctors, etc.) you have.

Find the user you want to have the survey about and click that name.
(Green arrow in the illustration) 

Enter the name of the person you are sending the survey to in the “Your Customer’s Name:” field.(Yellow arrow in the illustration)

Enter that person’s email address in the “Email Address of Your Customer:” field.
(Purple arrow in the illustration)

Once you have entered all the pertinent data, click "Send Request" to send the request. (Red arrow in the illustration)

** Depending on your account’s permissions, which are set at the corporate level, what you see from your account may not have the same options as described here. **


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