Allow Users to Access Additional Review Sites

Sometimes it may be helpful for user to ask for an additional review after you've gathered the testimonials.  Review what a client's experience will be with additional review sites, then turn the setting on or off to better meet your business needs.   

A Client's Experience with Review Sites

After submitting a positive testimonial, the client is directed to share their testimonial on their social media profiles. 

The next screen thanks them for their submission and gives a few additional action points.  A client can like your facebook page, or select any additional review site to leave a review for you.  We have even included the testimonial text so they can easily copy their testimonial.  

Selecting the Yelp or LinkedIn icon connects a reviewer directly to your review page.

Access User Permissions for Review Sites

In order to edit permissions for all users, you will need to log in to your Testimonial Tree account using the parent log in credentials.  Select Management then Branding/Settings.  


Here you'll see the default access for all users.  Scroll down to the User heading toward the bottom of the page and ensure that "Allow use of 3rd party review sites" is checked.  

Ensure that you select Save before moving on.  Learn how users can add review sites once you have granted them permission.  


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