Video Guide: Displaying Testimonials on a Website and Facebook Page Overview (Widgets)

What is a Widget?
In many contexts a widget is a placeholder name for something unknown.  At Testimonial Tree, though, a widget is what enables us to display testimonials on a webpage.  There are a number of different ways and places for testimonials to be displayed on your website.  On our website we have a featured testimonial listed on our homepage and a testimonial page displaying all of our testimonials. 
Testimonial Page
Additionally, some of our users have placed testimonials on their "about us" or “recruiting" pages and individual employee pages.  We have also created a special widget that allows us to display testimonials on a “testimonial” tab within a Facebook business page. 
If you're on an enterprise account with your company as the parent user, your widgets may already be set up to display on certain areas of your company website.  However, you may want to create a widget to display on your personal website or add to your own Facebook business page.  
Viewing Current Widgets
To see what current widgets you have, select “widgets” then “manage”  You can see the two widgets that we saw on our webpage - the featured testimonial on our homepage and the dedicated Testimonial page.  Below, we see the widget that allows us to display a testimonial tab on our Facebook business page. 
Creating a New Widget
Now that you have a context for what widgets are and how they’re displayed on a webpage, lets create a new widget.  You can create a widget by selecting “Add New Display” or selecting “widgets” > “add widget.”  
This initiates the simple, three stop process of creating a widget.  Here you’ll see nearly twenty widget options.  Each option is a little different, so pick the one that fits your website the best.  You’ll be able to select style and color options a little later, so for now select the ones that you think will function the best and select “choose and continue.” 
Next you need to select which testimonials should be displayed on this widget.  You should ask yourself what testimonial content and authors would be most effective for the webpage.  You can review each testimonial or use the search bar to find specific testimonials.  You’re able to search content of testimonials, team, location, rating, date range, or testimonials submitted with a picture or video.  Select the add button for any testimonials you’d like to be displayed.  You can also favorite some of your best testimonials and they will be displayed first  within the widget.  Once you’ve made your selections select continue.  
Enter a name for your widget then select “finish.”  Note that it may be helpful to name the widget with the name of the webpage that it will be displayed on.  Like “homepage” or “employee profile page.” 
Now you have officially created the widget, but you’ll need to add it to a web page for your testimonials to be displayed.  If you have the know-how and access, you’re welcome to input the widget code directly into your site.  Just select “Add widget myself’ and copy the widget code/javascript or the iframe option.  
If you’re getting a little lost in the computer jargon, you may want to email the person that oversees your website.  Select “get help from my webmaster” and we’ll take you to a contact form where you can email the code.  Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to proceed, you can always access the code later.  
Editing and Managing Widgets
Now that we’ve learned how to create a widget, let’s take a look at the management screen.  Next to each widget, you see a few options.  Delete, will remove the widget.  Just know that if you’re currently displaying testimonials using this widget, they will no longer be displayed on the website after deleting the widget.
Delete removes the widget.  You won't lose any of your testimonials, but they will no longer display on the site where that widget was implemented.
Preview gives you the ability to quickly see the widget.  
Get code allows you to retrieve the code that we saw earlier (whether javascript or iframe) to put on your site directly or to email it to your webmaster.  
Edit allows you to change the widget type, the testimonials that are being displayed, or the name of the widget.  
The advanced features allow you to edit some of the styles and colors.  You’ll see each option is editable, while the default settings are listed to the right.  Feel free to edit any option to make the widget feel more cohesive with your site.
Creating a Facebook Page Widget
Since your a pro at adding, editing, and managing widgets for your webpage, let me show you how to create a widget for a Facebook business page that you manage.  It’s really pretty simple.  From the Manage Widgets page, you can either select “Add New display” or select “Widget > Add Facebook Tab.”  
Select “Click here to install” where you’ll be redirected to login or confirm with Facebook.  
Select the appropriate Facebook page and then “add page tab.”  
This will take you back to your testimonials, where you’ll select which testimonials you’d like to display.  Once you’ve made your selection, click “Continue.”  Name your new Facebook widget and select “finish.”  
To check the widget, go to your Facebook business page.  You may need to select “More” to see the testimonial tab.  I’d recommend you make this tab a little more prominent by selecting “Manage Tabs.”  Simply drag the testimonial tab up as far as you’d like.  Facebook doesn’t allow any tab to appear before the “about” tab, but you may place it anywhere after.  Select save to return to your profile.  
Go ahead and select the testimonial tab and you should see the testimonials that you selected appear right in your Facebook page.  Pretty cool, huh?  You can always select which testimonials you’d like to display by selecting edit within the manage widgets page in Testimonial Tree.  Simply add, remove, or favorite some or all of your testimonials.  
Congratulations!  Now you’re able to create, edit, and manage all of your website and Facebook widgets.  
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