Add "Testimonials" Tab to a Facebook Business Page

Testimonial Tree allows you to install a Facebook App which adds a "Testimonials" tab to your Facebook Business Page (Note: This app only works with Business Pages, not personal profiles).

*Note:  FB made a change to their rules/polices adding a tab to your page.  The main limitation is that you need to have 2000 followers on your page in order to have permission to add.  See link below:

Here's how:

1. Within Testimonial Tree, select "Widgets" then "Add Facebook Tab."


2. Click the "Install" button


3. You will be directed to facebook (or asked to log in to facebook).  From here, select which page you'd like the app to display and then select "Add Page Tab."


4. After you've added the page tab, you'll be redirected back to Testimonial Tree where you can select which testimonials you'd like to initially display on the app.  Simply select "Add" for each testimonial you'd like to be displayed.  Note that you'll be able to edit where new testimonials will be displayed from Manage Testimonials.



5. Select "Continue." 


6. Give the facebook app a name so that you'll be able to recognize it later and select "Finish." 


7. To ensure the app is working, navigate to your facebook business page and locate the "Testimonials" option in the left sidebar.  



8. Selecting the "Testimonials" tab will allow you to see the testimonials you've selected to display!


9. Facebook allows you to change the order of your tabs as well.  If you'd like your Testimonials tab to display towards the top, select "Manage Tabs"


10. Scroll down to "Testimonials," then drag Testimonials where you'd like.  


11. Select Page, to return to your business page, and you'll see the Testimonials tab now appearing where you dragged it. 


12. As testimonials continue to come in, you can select them to be displayed on your facebook page, by selecting the check box under "Add to Your Media Site Apps" on the Testimonial Marketing page.  You'll notice the name you gave in step 6 will now appear here.    


When the client gives the testimonial, they'll have the opportunity to share on their social media sites.  You can also share the testimonials on your social media sites as a post or if the client didn't initially share when they gave the testimonial, you can ask them to!


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