Add a Collection Link to Your Email (Outlook)


It may be more convenient to add a simple message in the footer of your email, politely encouraging clients to write you a testimonial. In this example, we will be adding the request to the signature of an Outlook account.

1. Log into your Microsoft Outlook email account, then go to the "Settings" menu and click "Options".




2. Under the "Mail" tab click on the "Email Signature" button.



3. Here's an example of a simple testimonial request:



4. As shown above, we must also add a blue HyperLink from our email to our collection form. To do this, we must open a new window and log into the Testimonial Tree Dashboard. From there, simply click the "Collect" button located under the "Testimonials" tab. 



5. Next, get your link!



6. To do this, right click the URL and select "Copy Link".



7. Go back to your email (Microsoft Outlook in our example) and highlight the word “HERE”



8. Click "Insert HyperLink” in the drop-down menu.



9. In the “Insert Link” box, paste your URL by right-clicking, then selecting “Paste.”


10. The results should be similar to this:


11. Select OK, and then click "Save" icon. Congratulations, you’re all set!





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