Testimonial Marketing - Updated

Congratulations on your new testimonial!  As they continue to come in or if you are managing existing testimonials, you can easily decide where you want them to show.  You can publish testimonials directly from the notification email or by logging into Testimonial Tree. 

Option #1: Via Email

When a new testimonial comes in, you will receive an email with a link asking you to make your new testimonial public, which is to say, if you want to publish it.  Note that these email links expire.  If you're having difficulty accessing your testimonial via email, log in to your Testimonial Tree account then proceed with option two.


Option #2: After logging into Testimonial Tree, select "Testimonials" then "Manage Testimonials".




2. On the "Manage Testimonials" page, to the far right, navigate to the "Testimonial Marketing" area, located under the "Actions" tab.





3. On the "Testimonial Marketing" page check the boxes that relate to where you want the testimonial to show. After you check the ones you want, click "save."

Similarly, if you want a testimonial NOT to display, uncheck the boxes next to where you want the testimonial NOT to display. Again, click "save" after you are done.


** Depending on your account’s permissions which are set at the corporate level, what you see on your screen may not have the same options as described here. **



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