Ask Clients to Share Their Testimonials On Their Social Pages

If your clients have not shared their testimonials on their social networks, politely ask them to spread the love!  Click here if you'd like to learn how to post a testimonial on your social networks.  
1. Select "Testimonials" then "Manage Testimonials"

2. Select "Actions" then "Request Share" on the testimonial that you'd like to be shared by your client.


3. Confirm that you would like to send the message, to send the email.  

Note: if the client did not submit their email address when they submitted the testimonial, you will be direct to the edit testimonial page to add the email address.  Depending on your account access, you may not have access to edit the testimonial.  If this is the case, please contact the main account holder in your office to either grant you access or make the edit for you.


4. Your client will receive this email asking them to share their testimonial on social media. 


5. Your customer will be linked to share their testimonial for you on their social media networks!

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