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Widgets allow you to display testimonials on your website.  Once you create the widget in Testimonial Tree, your widget will be assigned a 2-line piece of code that allows you to access that widget on a website. When you add that code to the backend of your website, your testimonials stored by Testimonial Tree will display on your website. 
With our default setting of only displaying testimonials with 4 and 5 stars, we keep you in charge of your where you display what testimonials, putting you in charge of your own web reputation. Once you've selected a widget, you will have the option of changing a number of different settings particular to that widget. These settings can be used to match the branding colors of your widget with your company. 

1. From your Testimonial Tree account, select "Widgets" then "Manage Widgets."  


2. If you don't see any widgets to choose here, learn how to create a widget first.

On this page, you'll see all the widgets that have been created in your account.  There are two options for editing widgets. Selecting the "Edit" button will allow you to adjust the widget type, select and change which testimonials are displaying through that widget, or change the name of the widget.  The "Advanced" button will allow you to customize the display settings for that widget.  For instance, you're able to adjust things like star color, how many testimonials display at once, display order, auto rotate, background color, testimonial font color, etc..


Edit Basic Widget Settings (Widget Type, Testimonials Displayed, and Widget Name)

3. Select "Edit" for the particular widget you'd like to make changes to.  This will launch the Widget Wizard.  Your current widget type will be highlighted in green.  Select which widget type you'd like to use.  If you're pleased with your current widget type, find your widget (which will be in green) and select "Choose and Continue."


4. The next step allows you to select which testimonials you'd like to display on the widget.  Those currently being displayed will have a "Remove" action button next to it, and those not currently being displayed will have an "Add" action button.  Make any adjustments to this page you like, then select "Continue."



5. Re-Name your widget, if necessary, then select "Finish".



Edit Advanced Widget Settings (star color, how many testimonials display at once, display order, auto rotate...etc.)

3. Navigate to "Widgets" then "Manage."  Select the gears icon under the "Advanced" column to the far right associated with the widget you'd like to edit.  For help finding this, scroll to the top of this article to see steps 1 and 2. 

4. The advanced settings differ based on the widget type, but a number of the settings options are universal.  Make the appropriate changes to ensure the widget matches the look and feel of your site. 


5. Make sure to save your changes.  




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