Add an Existing Testimonial Manually

You may have hand-written testimonials or testimonials from past customers in other forms that you wish to add to your collection.  Doing so gives you all the benefits of Testimonial Tree, including displaying them on your website and on social media.  Here's how to add testimonials manually.


1. Click "Testimonials," then "Add Testimonial."


2. This form allows you to input all the testimonial information.


3. Additionally, you can select where you'd like the testimonial to display by selecting these checkboxes. Bear in mind that, unless you have changed the setting yourself, you will not be displaying any testimonials that have a star rating of 3 or less, so there is little reason you would not add your testimonial to all your Marketing Sites (1), testimonial display Widgets (2) and Media Sites (3).



 4. Please, don't forget to click the "Save" button when you're done.


1. Your new testimonial will be saved, and will appear under your managed testimonials.

2. When copying/pasting a testimonial manually, please be careful as sometimes the formatting may be off and may cause "?" to appear when saved.  Double check the spacing after pasting as that is the most common occurrence for "?" to show up.
3. The date format needs to be as follows XX/XX/XXXX .


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