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This article is for companies that want to use the same testimonial display widget (widget) on their users' pages.  For example, a real estate office might have many agents in the company, all with their own profile pages.  One widget can be used for each of the agents' pages and will be populated dynamically with only that one agent's testimonials by incorporating that one agent's email address in the widget code.  The benefit of this is that one widget can be used on multiple pages. Please, bear in mind that one widget, which controls the appearance of the testimonials, can be used on multiple pages with the same branding colors, like on each of the agent pages hosted on the same corporate website.

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Regular Widget Format (without filtering by sub-user, team or location)
This will display all the testimonials for the whole company.

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_{widgetid}'></div>

<script src='{widgetid}' type='text/javascript'></script>

Used as a Template (passing "username" or "email")
This will filter the testimonials so the the widget only shows the testimonials for the user that correlates to the email address used, as in the first example, or the username being used, as in the second example.

  • This shows the widget with the added email address variable that will only show testimonials for the user related to the email passed in

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_{widgetid}'></div>
<script src='{widgetid}&email={email address}' type='text/javascript'></script>


  • This shows the widget with the added username variable that will only show testimonials for the user related to the username passed in

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_{widgetid}'></div>
<script src='{widgetid}&username={username}'

Templates that only show testimonials for: ***

...the whole company (this is the default output for the widget code).

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_123'></div>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script> user using that user's email address.

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_123'></div>
<script src=''

...multiple users using those users' email addresses.

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_123'></div>
<script src=','

...a Team. 

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_123'></div>
<script src=' Wins-A-Lot'

...a Location. 

<div id='TestimonialTree_Widget_123'></div>
<script src=' Office'

*** Remember, there are settings that disclude displaying testimonials with a star rating of 1, 2 or 3. This is our default setting. Click here for instructions on how to check these settings in your account.

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