View Where a Testimonial Came From

Sometimes you may wish to view how a testimonial came into your account.  You can view this at a glance from the Manage Testimonials page.  
1. In your dashboard, select "Testimonials" then "Manage Testimonials".
2. You'll see the source column with which displays one of four different icons to explain how this testimonial was submitted.
Manually Added - User added the testimonial through the Testimonial Tree platform.
From Collection Link - Client submitted a testimonial from the personal collection link.  This could be a widget (if you can see the "Add Testimonial" button), an email signature, business directory page, or anywhere else the collection link has been shared.
Survey - If you're using the survey tool, the testimonial was submitted as the client was filling out a survey.
Import - These testimonials were gathered previously and imported (usually in bulk) into your account.



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