Adding, Removing and Managing Third Party Sites

Testimonial Tree offers the ability to send customers to third party sites' "Leave a Review" page to leave you a testimonial and a high-star rating. For our purposes, third party sites are sites that review businesses that are neither ours nor yours. This would include sites like Google, Yelp, BBB, and the like. When a customer leaves a positive testimonial, the third party sites are displayed to encourage the customer to visit the other sites in an attempt to help grow your online reputation and business.

Accessing the Third Party Sites Page

To begin, log in to your Testimonial Tree account. You will see "Third Party Sites" (1) in the sidebar to the far right, click that and then click "Manage Sites" (2) from the drop down menu that appears.


Your Review Sites
The next page, "Your Review Sites," is split in two distinct and obvious sections, the top section is entitled "Round Robin Settings" and is what will be explained first. The bottom section, the part below the thick, black header row that starts with "Enabled," will be explained second.

Round Robin Settings
The round robin settings are:

(The colored numbers correlate to the illustration following)

(1) Enable Round Robin
This setting will allow your clients to be directed to more than one third party site to leave you a great online review and stars.

With this setting off, with the green switch next to this setting being displayed in all gray, your clients will all go only to the first enabled third party site on the list.

With this setting on, your first client who completes the survey and leaves 4 or 5 stars will be sent to the first URL on this list. The second client who completes a survey and leaves 4 or 5 stars will be sent to the second site's URL on the list, and so on until the list is completed, then the next client will be sent to the top of the list and the process repeats. There is little reason to have this setting off.

(2) Publish only 4 or 5 star testimonials
When testimonials are saved to our database (instead of, say, Google's or Yelp's), your client who wrote the testimonial also attached a star rating to it. With this setting on, all the testimonials that come in to our database with a 4 or 5 star rating will automatically be assigned to all testimonial display widgets.

If the rating is 1, 2 or 3 stars, then the testimonial will be saved, but will not be published anywhere.

Of course, with this setting off, all the incoming testimonials will be displayed, regardless of the associated star rating.

(3) Send testimonials to company level third party sites if no sites are enabled or available for sub users
This setting is for accounts that have sub-users. Many Testimonial Tree accounts are of a parent account-child account structure that translates in our system to administrative account-user account. The situation this setting addresses is what to do if a child account gets a testimonial, but that child account has not setup any third-party sites. This is very common as child/user accounts do not automatically have sites associated with their third party sites upon that child-account creation. So, when that user's client submits a survey, and our workflow takes that client to a third-party site to leave a review, our system will see that the user has no third party sites to send the client to, and will default to the administrative account's third party site, and send that user's client there. If you have no users in your account and are operating a top-level (administrative-level/parent-level) account, then this setting does nothing, either on or off.

(4) If client uses an '' email address, always redirect to my Google Business Page.
Many, probably most, people are constantly logged in to their Google accounts on their phones and computers. Our system can detect the status of that login status. With this setting on, when we send one of your clients a survey request and he or she fills out that survey with a rating of 4 or 5 stars, our system will skip the regular round robin order and instead send that client to your account's Google URL. This setting is for accounts who want more Google stars, reviews and presence.

(5) Enable the internal testimonial box at all times, even with Third Party Sites redirects in use.
When discussing third party sites, it is important to understand that everyone from Google, to Yelp to Zillow to BBB to Testimonial Tree all maintain their own database for reviews/testimonials, authors of those testimonials, date, etc.. Testimonials posted to Google are not accessible to Yelp nor to Testimonial Tree.

If, in the round robin, a client gets sent to Testimonial Tree, we collect their testimonial and save it in our database. It is these testimonials that you own and can display on your website by using your testimonial display widget (widget). 

With this setting on, even if your client is sent to Google or Yelp, he or she will first have the opportunity to leave you a testimonial to be saved into our system's database. This increases your testimonial collection at the potential cost of a small decrease in third party participation.

With this setting off, you will only collect testimonials in the third party round robin system when, in the round robin, that client is sent to Testimonial Tree and not to Google nor any other third party site.

(6) After the first  testimonials are collected on the Testimonial Tree system, begin directing clients to these other sites.
This is a setting that will allow our system to ignore the round robin and send your clients straight to Testimonial Tree every time until a pre-set number of testimonials are collected into our system first. This setting increments by 10, so you may choose to collect 10, 20, 30, or more testimonials before moving forward with the third party sites in the round robin.

The benefit of this is you gather some testimonials first so you can display them on your website. Then after you have what you want to display, your clients will be worked through the round robin system, starting at the top, and moving down the list one-by-one.


More Settings and SAVE
At the bottom of the round robin section, you will see three large green buttons.

(1) and (2) have opposite functions. Clicking "Enable Testimonial Tree Link For All Users" will go through your whole roster of users and enable Testimonial Tree in everyone's round robin.

Clicking "Disable Testimonial Tree Link For All Users" will disable the Testimonial Tree link for all users.

(3) This "Save Settings" button applies to the the top of the page only, so it applies only to the Round Robin Settings portion of the page. Please, save your settings.


On the bottom of this page, you'll see a pre-prepared list of third party review sites. By default, every Testimonial Tree account has the following third party sites built in:

(Please note, these sites are built in, but still need you to enter the URL of the "Leave a Review" page for that site, which is explained following the nest graphic, under the heading, "Editing Third Party Sites.")

  • Testimonial Tree
  • Google Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Zillow
  • Healthgrades
  • Vitals
  • WebMD
  • BBB
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed

Note: Though all of these sites are available to all Testimonial Tree customers, some may not be relevant to your business or practice. If one or more of these sites are not of interest to you, simply leave them blank.


Editing Third Party Sites

Each row in the list belongs to a single third party site. As such, each third party site can be edited individually without affecting the others.

For this example, we are going to add Tommy Bahama's Yelp review URL to the list. Start by clicking "Edit" (1) to the far right of the row with the Yelp logo on the left.


The window will then refresh and the Yelp line will look like this:


Now, we will find the Yelp "Leave a Review" page. What we are looking to do is simplify the process for your clients to leave you a great online review and 4 and 5 star ratings. To this end, we want to send your clients to the actual "Leave a Review" page. For Yelp, our journey will start with a search for "Tommy Bahama's Yelp," which will help find the Yelp listing. Click "Write a Review" (1).


This will take you to the next page where you will be able to leave a review. Because we want to make this process as simple as possible for your clients, using as few clicks as possible, we want to send your clients to the actual "Leave a Review" page for your company. We want to do this for each third party review site, so this page we are lookin at below is perfect.* You will know you are on the correct page if you see 5 clickable stars (1) that may start as 5 full stars or 5 empty stars, depending on the site you are visiting. Unless you are looking for a Google URL for your reviews, copy the URL from the browser (2) and paste it in the empty field next to "Yelp Page" (3), in the second illustration down.*


Then, if you would like to enable this new site immediately and have it be a part of your round robin, be sure to click the switch to the far left so that it is green (4). When you have everything as you want it, be sure to click "Update" (5) to the right, and you are done.Screen_Shot_2018-04-19_at_10.26.16_AM.png

Adding a New Third Party Site
We provide a list of some common third party review sites for you to choose from. If you would like to introduce a different site to this list, we have a blank option at the bottom of the list for you to do so. This can also be helpful if you have one business that is represented by two review pages from the same review company, like if you have a Google ID for your business and for yourself, as some doctors do, and you want to build both brandings.

The essential difference between the sites we have provided and the blank option is that we have provided the logo and the name of the site in the provided list. In order to create your own, you will have to enter into our system these two pieces of data before moving on the above steps. 

Getting the logo is the part that, if you haven't done it before, a little instruction on the process will make the whole thing easy to accomplish.

Searching for a third party site that we do not already have, I found that Foursquare has reviews, so we will add them to the list.

(1) First find for yourself a logo on the internet that you want to use. I found this one on a list of review sites. 


Right click on the logo and a menu will appear. I happen to be on a Mac, so your menu may look different, but somewhere in the list that appears you will see "Save Image As..." (2). Click that and save the image somewhere where you can find it easily. 


Now, go back to your account's Third Party Sites page, find the bottom listing, and click "Upload Icon" (3).


Find your logo (4) and either double click it or click it and click "Open" (5).


You will now see a black check mark next to the "Upload Icon" box (6) , indicating that there is a logo ready to be uploaded. Next, fill in the name of the site (7). Complete the process by adding the appropriate URL. Use the instructions provided at the beginning of this article to find the URL you want.*


Once you add the URL you want, click "Add New Site" (8).


And, since you just added the site, Testimonial Tree automatically enables that site for use in your round robin.


* Please note that your company will need a presence on whichever review site you wish to send reviews to. If you cannot find your company on a particular site, you may need to claim your business first. This is accomplished id different ways with the different companies, but always begins with reaching out to them. Check on their website for help with this. It may be possible to leave reviews and not have claimed your site, as with Google. However, even in Google's case, you can't get a URL to the "Leave a Review" page without claiming your site with Google. Again, without claiming your site, you can't send clients to it to leave you a review and 4 and 5 stars.

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